2018 Lights of Peace Memorials

NamePersonal Remembrance
Rich & Carol RobertsFor John Pachuta WWII POW
Rich & Carol RobertsGeneral Albie Roberts, WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Heather StewartIn memory of Danny French
Marian HancyFor Larry Hancy. Thanks for the memories. Marian, Laura & Cara
Natalie D’Alessandro
Diane NemecDavid G. Nemec – Thanks for bringing the 6 of us kids to PIB – Lifetime Memories!
Diane NemecGeorge Cisar – Great Memories!
Elaine Martens8 lights in remembrance of John
Elaine Martens2 lights in remembrance of Chuck
Otto & Susan MillerFor Uncle Frank – WWII Veteran – We will never forget you!
Jim FrenchIn memory of Connie French, Danny French, Pete and Lil French
Mary Schilstra
The Luscheks
For the good times on PIB
Sue HerchickJoe – We all miss and love you! – Your Family
Carol & Rich GajewskiIn memory of Jack and Myrla Bunting. Buried at sea at PIB
Jim WoodardIn memory of Charles & Katherine Woodard
J. BerganPeter Bergan
J. BerganMarilyn Doremus
Carrie SchneiderSonny Schneider
Carrie SchneiderBob Lunt
Tim & Diane VandersallFor all of those we have loved and lost… We miss you & love you always!
Penny SchmidlinJeff, Adeline, and Greta
J.F. Walleye’sThinking of Mom – Missing you more every day!
Tom SonnanstineCharles M. Dooley
Laura SchanzFor Dad
Laura SchanzFor Gary
Larua SchanzFor Vera
Brad GoistUncle Frank
Gregory PaulFor Sonny Schneider – he will always be remembered
Franz KerkatMiss you Sonny
June LeydaEarl Leyda
Russ BrohlEd & Eleanor Brohl
Fred HostetlerIn memory of Ray & Henry Hostetler
Jim RoeschCarl Roesch
Jim RoeschFrank Roesch
Karen RossBiscuit
Krissy HartFor Joe Kiss and his family
Diana VanDootinghJohn VanDootingh
Diana VanDootinghWilliam Barnett
Sandy RoscoFor my husband John
Bob & Robbi Schneider Sonny Schneider
Joyce ShramoMitchell Parents
Joyce ShramoShramo Parents
Sandra Kieffer
In memory of my husband, Ralph W. Kieffer
Charlie CartledgeDoug

Charlie Cartledge
Charlie Cartledge
Lisa VanDootinghJohn VanDootingh
Lisa VanDootingh “Healing for Family”
John LinhartFor Dad, for all the adventures and memories
Mitch BartelsIn memory of GG/Izzy – Your flare will always burn bright
Don MasseyAll my heroes
Nancy WelterWelter Family Memories
Plewacki FamilyFor Grandma Behm – She so loved to come to the island!
Ann HuberIn memory of Jacob Muhler
Ryan & JustineBetty Stark
Marguerite & JZ VanDerwyst Middle Bass – Where are Hary’s are
Marty HaraydaJane Herold
Ed WizaSonny Schneider
Gerald ShanleyGerald E. Shanley (Grandfather)
Gerald ShanleyKent Fire Dept.
Doug & Alexis BarmanIn memory of Robert & Rachel Barman
Doug & Alexis BarmanIn memory of Alex & Carol Ross